Permit Requirements

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Plans required for permit:
 - Survey Certificate (Winkler Only)
 - Site Plan
 - Floor Plan
 - Foundation Plan
 - Cross Sections
 - Exterior Window & Door Schedule
 - Lintel Schedule
 - Building Envelope Calculation for effective insulation values
 - General Framer & Concrete Contractor information
Contact an inspector to see whether engineering or an architect is required.
Part 10 Special Construction Standards

Section 10.1. Private Pools
10.1.1. Scope Scope
1) This Part applies to private pools.

2) Pools other than private pools shall conform to the requirements under The Public
Health Act and regulations under that Act.

10.1.2. Fences and Access Enclosures
1) An outdoor private pool shall be enclosed with a fence or other suitable barrier
constructed in accordance with the following requirements:
a) a minimum height of 1.5 m,
b) there shall be no openings, other than a door to a building or a gate as described
in Clause (c), and it shall not be possible for a child to crawl under either the fence
or the gate,
c) any gate shall be self-closing, shall be at least 1.5 m in height and shall be
equipped with a lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry,
d) where a chain link fence is used, the outside surface of the fence or gate shall be
at least No. 11 gauge,
e) where other than a chain link fence is used, the outside surface of the fence or gate
shall be relatively smooth so as not to provide foot or toe holds,
f) if, in the opinion of the authority having jurisdiction, there is any undesirable
feature pertaining to the enclosure, suitable steps shall be taken to correct the
situation. Maintenance
1) The enclosure surrounding an outdoor private pool shall be maintained in good
repair. Hot Tub Covers
1) In lieu of the enclosures specified under Articles and, the fence
and gate are not required for a hot tub installed outdoors at a single-family dwelling if
a) the hot tub does not exceed 2.4 m in diameter or 4.65 meters squared  in total surface area,
b) the hot tub has a cover that
i) has the structural strength to support the weight of an adult walking across the top of the cover when it is in the closed position, and
ii) is capable of being locked in the covered position to prevent access to the water
by unauthorized persons, and
c) at all times when use is not supervised by an adult, the hot tub is covered by a
cover that complies with clause (b), and is locked.
2) A hot tub capable of containing water to depth 600 mm or greater shall have
installed on it a cover that complies with Clauses (1)(b) and (c) if the hot tub is installed
outdoors at a single-family dwelling.

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